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Darak the leader


A supremely charismatic but prideful man, Darak led the Founders to bring about the creation of Acryn. He was killed during his coronation by his friend Abraxis.

Abraxis' betrayal and the wounds of his incomplete ascension twisted the Leader's mind and eventually turned him into a tyrant seeking to dominate Acryn. When he was able to heal his injuries following a botched attempt by a young god to consume his power, the Leader sought to take control of his city once more. When he was rejected by the people, he left for Serradis and plotted Acryn's conquest.

Eventually through the healing of the Tender and the sacrifice of her First and Least, Darak's mind was healed of its madness and he has returned to being a patron of Acryn. Despite this his hatred for the Traitor still burns bright.


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