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The official speaker of the church, who stands on its behalf on the city council and leads full-church assemblies is known internally as the First and Least. First because he or she stands as a figurehead and an exemplar, least because the duties to which they have to attend unavoidably drag them away from doing the church's work on the front line. The current incumbent (who has been in the role for six years) is a quietly charismatic man named Auln, a skilled surgeon who still works two shifts in the Dock Hall each week alongside attending the seemingly endless emergency council settings since the Upheaval. Rumours have spread out from his assistants and close associates that he has been looking increasingly drawn as time has worn on, and that he is frequently skipping nights of sleep to continue working. Despite this, he appears to be as sharp and skilled as ever, and some whisper that the Tender has interceded to sustain him during this, the city's greatest time of need.

He was excommunicated by the Tender after attempting to prevent her body being returned to its rightful place.


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