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What exactly the dragons of legend are is a debate that has raged among scholars for generations. However, over the years, a popular perception of a dragon has emerged, combining elements of Wyverns, Tyrant Lizards, and stories of mastery over arcane power. Turaya is an anomaly that looks an awful lot like one of these storybook dragons, only covered in the arcane symbology of the Rite of Scribing, and with apparent access to most of the magics of that Rite. As mentioned above, she has recently emerged as a substantial threat to the sanctity of the Consensus, and those aware of her recent actions and capabilities have begun trying to work out what to do about her. Her attacks have been several months apart, so finding where she is hiding between them is thought to be a good start.

The Winged Apocalypse was last seen in the frozen north having been freed from the control of the Dragon Slayer. The experience does not appear to have made her any less prone to acts of destruction.


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