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The Markovs


Markov Armouries is one of the biggest businesses in the world, and the Markov family is incredibly wealthy. Within their home state of Caul they wield vast influence and their reach can be felt wherever money talks.

The current head of the family is Sonin Markov, a ruthless businessman and prominent sponsor of Caulish adventurers and scholars. He apparently has a deep interest in metaphysics and his money backs many expeditions and experiments.

The heir is Sasha Markov, a capable young woman who divides her time between learning the business and theological studies, being a devoted adherent of the Lord of the Rock.

Andrei Markov is Sonin's eldest son and a Master Shaper, who was disowned after his father apparently learned that wayfinders were created by the upheaval. He has faked his own death and is working with the Wayfinders' guild to introduce Flux Industry to Caul.


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