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Rupus Regio and Mister Scampers


Rupus Regio is in charge of magical cleanup operations within the Adventurer's Guild. He is a skilled wizard himself, though the types of magic he uses are currently unknown.

Mister Scampers is Rupus's pet, a small golden monkey, who also acts as his assistant. Ever since what is only referred to as “the Incident” Mister Scampers has reportedly developed the ablity to cast what appears to be some actually quite high level Consumption magic. This means he has become a valuable asset to the Guild, in that he is capable of devouring magical hazards (although certainly never evidence and most definitely never people). Rupus violently denies any suggestion that the monkey has human levels of intelligence, although there are some who claim that he is in fact capable of understanding human words.

The subject of some investigation by both the Circle of the Closed Eye and the Acryn city watch, his behaviour has been deemed suspicious but not outright incriminating.


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