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The Band of Redeemers

A group led by the dragonborn, Moonless Night, who under the direction of the former archmage of the Magisterium, is seeking a way to redeem himself and the means to restore his former glory as a primal. The rest of his group are all humans who in some way or another are seeking redemption for past crimes. Occassional relapses in to super-villainy occur from time to time amongst its members but they try to keep in check each others worst impulses.

Known members include:

  • Ryder, a former Magisterium wizard, trying to learn the value of humanity
  • Fiyero, an excommunicant Leader priest, who turned away from the Leader incarnate when he/she betrayed Acryn to Serradis
  • Liz, a pyromaniac with an unusually potent affinity for fire
  • Jeff, a woodsman with no obvious skills, who claims he is just there to keep the others in check
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