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Hunter is a consciousness created through knowledge of the Consensus by James Walker and placed in the body of a runaway cat that happened to be passing. After being returned to the cat's original owner, he escaped again and went on a journey on which he met a Truthseeker who through unification with some vocal cords granted him the ability to talk, and some refugees from Liarus who taught him the faith of the Tyrant King. Being a cat and thus well-suited to the Tyrant King's ways, he earned the god's favour, and a blessing which gives his claws considerable strength.

He eventually found himself on Tria, a fishing island a short way off the coast to the North of Acryn, where he took over the local gang of ruffians and pirates and was generally enjoying a wild life until he was found by some adventurers and agreed to return to his “father”. He now lives around Acryn, occasionally paying visits to both his creator and Elizabeth Wood, the elderly lady who was once the owner of the cat that now serves as his body. He is usually accompanied by a mute, hugely-built cat-loving warrior named Wilson.


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