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Chedravartin the Unmaker


Encountered only by those who have journeyed far beyond the boundaries of the world into the labyrinth of Valknut, the Unmaker is a Dragonborn smith who works a magical forge in the ruins of an ancient city. Little is known of the being's history bar that the city it inhabits is called Tesseract and that some terrible crime befell it.

The Unmaker seems obsessed with perfection and has filled its prison with perfect examples of mundane objects, weapons and even concepts. It treats humans with the contempt common to its race, but does not attack them on sight - though it does seem to have developed a particular hatred for certain of those who have encountered it.

After Jarred Samuels accidentally merged his own soul with that of the Unmaker the being worked through him to create its masterpiece: a perfected engine of destruction empowered with stolen power of a dragon. To stop his own creation from annihilating all Jarred and companions were forced to track down the Unmaker one final time. After confronting the malevolent smith Jarred completed the merging of their souls becoming a new being, one with the knowledge of how to stop the monstrous creation. In the ensuing battle Jarred/the Unmaker were last seen in heart of a maelstrom of twisting power as reality imploded around them forming the 'Seed of the Afterlife'.


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