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Lady Galia Terrec


Lady Galia Terrec, the current head of the house, overthrew the 'old guard' nearly ten years ago. Lady Galia caused significant consternation among her family when she broke ranks to marry a member of the Engineers guild, but five years later, having significantly increased her already considerable wealth, and gathered many like minded members of the household to her banner, she made her move. A significant part of why Galia's power play was so successful was simply that no one had really tried what she did, as within the living memory of the rulers of most of the great houses the law would have simply swatted her down. In modern Acryn, however, her bloodless revolution of ruthless business moves and legal plays saw the elders of her family isolated and stripped of their temporal power before they really knew what was happening, and most chose to depart the city to live in comfort among the few external holdings remaining to them rather than stay.

Galia was murdered by a member of the Farmer's guild during a diplomatic meeting.


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