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The Abnegator


An anomaly built around a tale of a man who threw away his humanity to become something more and less than human. He recognises the power that stories can contain, and believes that all should become defined by them instead of tied down by the reality of Consensus. Aided by various anomaly-like beings he has created, he travels the lands in search of those who are unique and have a well-defined story to them.

His abilities allow him to strip away the Consensus reality of those he meets, turning them into stories with a will; effectively anomalies. In exchange, they may realise the full potential of the stories that are told of them, and what people believe of them. Simply put, he gets rid of all of the unnecessarily firm definitions that tie people to reality and stop them from being what people believe they should be. This process works far better on those who have a general schtick that people generally believe about them, and so he searches for those who are unique and would be suitable candidates for the process and offers them the power in exchange for working with him.

It was he who was responsible for the change to the Jester, having taken his humanity away and made him into entirely the thing that people believed of him.


The anomalies created by the Abnegator include (but are not necessarily limited to):

  • The Eye of the Shadows - A master spy, able to watch unseen from the shadows. It is said that no secrets may be hidden from their gaze. The Eye of the Shadows is particularly loyal to the Abnegator, and observes people and their actions on his behalf such that he may judge whether they are worthy of receiving his blessings. Those under their observation whilst in Flux feel a discomforting sense that they are being watched. Wayfinders in particular feel as though their very soul is being scrutinised. Still out there somewhere.
  • The Rider - An expert horse rider, capable of riding any steed at immense speed. She is also skilled at mounted archery. Still out there somewhere.
  • The Jester - A criminal alchemist with a penchant for anarchy who fled Acryn. Killed during Send in the Clowns.
  • The Hermit - An old hermit who had befriended various creatures. Not having had a particularly in-depth story, the result was not a particularly capable anomaly, instead being one the Abnegator threw at a party of adventurers to gauge their own suitability for being subject to his power. Killed during Heart of the Total Eclipse.
  • The Changeling of Weftwell - A disfigured individual believed by locals to be fey and outcast from a young age. The Abnegator realised the potential of their tale and made them actually a form of fey anomaly. Captured and taken to the Wayfinder's Guild during Pursuit.
  • The Wolves of the Sea - A group of highly skilled spear-fishers who tend to hunt as a pack. It is said that no part of any ocean is inaccessible to them should they choose it as their hunting ground. Several of them killed during Where There's a Will There's a Wave. It is unknown if there are more of them out there.


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