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The Jester


Originally a bright young student named Stewart Scotch with a promising talent for alchemy, he was belittled and discouraged by a jealous professor who didn't want to be outshone by a student, and ultimately framed and expelled from the College of the Stars.

He then turned to a life of crime and discovered a penchant for anarchy and sowing confusion, taking on the persona of “The Jester”.

Responsible for organising the city-wide pub crawl that was in fact a ruse for getting people drunk on hallucinogenic potion so they would steal from all the noble houses. This was somewhat successful and he fled the city. His attempts to take a dragon gate blocked, he instead sailed to Caul. He was then last seen stranded in the nearby Flux there.

Adventurers sent to hunt him down and retrieve the stolen goods found him in the area having become an Anomaly (or some being similar to one) in the intervening period. The means by which this happened are currently unknown. Having contended with his illusions, they killed him and put an end to his schemes.


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