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House Décor


The Décor family are new money - originally fishermen, then sailors, then merchants with ‘shipping interests’. Historically, they have always worshipped the Beacon and continue to do so to this day.


  • Cosmo Décor - eldest of the family. Crotchety old man who lives alone in a strange house filled with puzzles that 'test the will'. Exceptionally fond of Maranda, but he shows it by haranguing her endlessly.
  • Galbadia Décor - head of the shipping operation in the nearby town of Outset. Mother of Maranda. Low tolerance for nonsense. Very good at running the family business.
  • Figaro Décor - Galbadia's brother-in-law. Runs a Lost & Found in Acryn. Most criminals know better than to waste their time trying to steal from it.
  • Maranda Décor - aspiring mage who flies in the face of family opinion to pursue her studies, which she does, vigorously. Of marriageable age and enjoys the attention of many suitors.


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