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Abraxis the Traitor


Once Abraxis the Hardened, she and her sister Alyssa drove Tuireann from the Acryn region and together with the rest of the Founders established seeds of the city that exists today.

When the budding divinity of the founders became evident, Abraxis grew convinced that it was necessary that they not remain to rule over Acryn as immortal God-kings. Unable to convince her fellows to abandon that path, she hardened her heart and in a single day of bloody murder struck down each of her companions. Afterwards she accepted her own fate as the bereaved first queen of Acryn Melinda Salic had her impaled upon dozens of blades and consigned her body in shame to a chamber in the sewers.

As of Faith Healing Abraxis' spiritual wounds have been taken on by the soul of Penelope Cargan, allowing her to operate as a fully ascended god. She has also perpetuated a lie told by her priest Booker that she might not have been responsible for her actions, in the hope that after several centuries she can be reconciled with her sister Alyssa.


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