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Dammerung the Undying


Centuries ago around the time the founders were creating Acryn, the lands of Caul were being ravaged by the armies of the living dead commanded by the cruel Necromancer-King Dammerung. As his power grew so did the threat he posed to nascent city of Acryn. To combat this threat Acryn pooled its magical might, and so formed the College of the Stars. The greatest magi of Acyrn set out to confront Dammerung at his seat power: the Castle of Bones high in the blue peaks. Confronting him even as he attempted to bring about his ultimate apotheosis into a manifestation of death they managed to defeat him, though at great cost, with many of the founders of the college being slain in the conflict. Though victorious they were unable to kill him, for he had found a way to truly conquer death, so they banished him into the labyrinth of Valknut, never again to plague the lands of the living. Centuries past and Dammerung was forgotten until he found a way to make contact with reality, this culminated in his freeing from the Labyrinth by a group of adventurers. He then spent several years as a professor at the college of the stars, gradually learning all of the college’s darkest secrets.

His final defeat came at the hand of Jimmy Hoskins, before ascending to become He Who Devours Himself, who succeeded in trapping Dammerung's vile soul in an endless cycle of reincarnation unable to remember his past life.

Dammerung is currently the infant son of a poor swineherd living outside Acryn. His name is Pubert.


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