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Faria Carver


Faria Carver is the current Leader of the church, having joined as an Initiate some seventeen years ago and made her way up the ranks with (for the church) unprecedented speed. Only daughter of a family of carpenters, her design of several new tools for industrialising the production process allowed the family business to grow rapidly, and carve out a formidable market niche. As devout followers of the Leader, her parents ensured she saw fair personal gain from the innovations she had made, which she used to kick start a career in the church. She is well reputed as a talented engineer in her own right, as well as an excellent judge of the potential in the ideas of others, something that has served her well in the church. She remains a resolute follower of the orthodox interpretations of the scriptures, using her own life as an example in her sermons and speeches - her parents would have been legally entitled to keep all the benefits of her ingenuity, but by recognising her talent and affording her a fair chance to flourish, they ensured that she could reach for her fullest potential. As long as she is in charge of the church, she has frequently proclaimed, she will see to it that it does the same.


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