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School of Spice


Within the heart of the city, the School of Spice is a combined culinary school and fighting dojo. Teaching the Way of Spice, an esoteric martial art based around culinary techniques, the school is led by a woman known as the Iron Chef, and her closest and most talented disciples are the Maidens of Spice.

The School teaches that good food is part of the spice of life, and has open days on which they prepare the finest food and serve it free of charge to those who are less well off, so that all may sample fine cookery. They disagree with the monopoly the Spicer's Guild holds on rare and exotic spices, as it means that more refined tastes are harder for the poor to sample.


April Falkner (the Iron Chef)

A highly skilled chef and combatant who teaches the Way of Spice. She believes that calmness may be found in the chaos of the kitchen and through application of culinary techniques one may find peace and tranquility in battle.

Angela Galetti

Sous-chef and Maiden of Spice. Her specialty is in knowing people and having the right contacts, and has connections to suit all purposes.

Alice Lynch

Roundswoman and Maiden of Spice. She is a master of stealth and thievery.

Julia Hamilton

Roast chef and Maiden of Spice. Her specialty is her sheer strength and determination.

Cat Silverton

Pastry chef and Maiden of Spice. A master of disguise, trickery and forgery.


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