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The Dragonborn


Known only to a few; the Dragonborn are an ancient race, predating known human civilization. They appear as large 4-armed humanoids covered in silvery, iridescent scales. Although few have encountered them those that have report that they all seem to be potent sorcerers, having an innate mastery of magic lacked by humans. Almost universally they appear to possess an incredible arrogance and contempt for humanity. Some adventurers have noted that their dislike of mankind stems from their interaction with the Primals, the Dragonborn seeming to consider humanity pretenders to the legacy of the Dragons. The Dragonborn's interactions with the Primals appears to have resulted in many of them being imprisoned or banished to places very difficult to escape from.

Traits of the Dragonborn which have been confirmed by Adventurers are:

  • They are immortal
  • They have physicals souls, objects that, while they exist, render the Dragonborn indestructible.
  • They do not appear to breed, suggesting there are only a finite number of them


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