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Ishvaratar the Creator/The Demiurge


Unlike its fellow Dragonborn the Creator appears to have escaped imprisonment or banishment and has been free since the time of the Primals. The evidence suggests it has used these long millenia to construct the Magisterium empire around itself, working through mortal mages to conceal the extent of its influence. It has used the Magisterium to accumulate enormous temporal and arcane power, particularly the huge throne of crystallised mana it has been observed to rule from. Worse, it appears to have tied its own existence to that of its followers, every wound that is laid upon it being transferred from it to them, rendering it nigh invulnerable. Some have theorised that it has placed fragments of its own soul into its followers to achieve this effect.

Like many of its kind it displays enormous contempt for humans but goes further than this in having nothing less than a pathological hatred for humanity itself. Its goal appears to be the eradication of human life and the ascendency of its own kind.

Adventurers have uncovered some of the beings history. It seems to have led the great war between the Dragonborn and Primals, as part of a triumervate of sorcerer kings, that let to the collapse of the first human civilisation and the imprisonment of the majority of the Dragonborn.

It appears to have some interaction with the legendary Dragonborn smith: the Unmaker and adventurers observed the pair seemingly destroying an ancient Dragonborn city in a strange ritual for purposes unknown.

More recently it has had several interactions with adventurers from Acryn who have foiled its attempts to steal powerful magics from the city and awaken an ancient army of its kind. Their continued thwarting if its diabolic schemes seem to have prompted it to unleash a terrible arcane doom upon the world, preventing any more humans being born.


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