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Alastair Cargan


Formerly a member of the secret royalist group, The Violet Cravat, Alastair turned on his compatriots when it became clear they were seeking to adopt unforgivably violent tactics. His family are now aware of his previous affiliations, but are unaware that he and Marian Terrec have formed a new, less extreme monarchist faction: The Green Signet Ring.

Alastair is a Leader Priest. He is currently in possession of the Scarlett Estate - a property allegedly belonging to the nonexistent noble Anthony Scarlett, a creation of The Violet Cravat.

After helping to defeat his sister in her attempt to become Queen he took over the Council seat previously occupied by Vicionia. He claims to be acting Duke on behalf of his ward, whom he alleges is the late Duchess's illegitimate nephew.


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