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 +====== Priests ======
 +Priests are those who call upon the power of the gods to aid their allies and destroy their foes. There are five types of priests you can play, each a follower of one of the five gods of Acryn. While there are other gods in the system (and you can choose to play someone [[:​divine_favour|favoured]] by one of these gods), it is not currently possible to play a priest of one of these gods.
 +Each god has a different attitude and provides their priests with a different set of abilities.
 +  * [[:​leader_priest|The Leader]] - Being a strong leader, and aiding those who lead. Removing bad leaders from positions of authority.
 +  * [[:​tender_priest|The Tender]] - Caring, healing, and protecting those who cannot protect themselves.
 +  * [[:​builder_priest|The Builder]] - Building and defending. Social improvement. Preventing those harmful to society from acting against society.
 +  * [[:​warrior_priest|The Warrior]] - Fighting, honour, self improvement,​ and destroying those who would do harm to those you hold dear.
 +  * [[:​traitor_priest|The Traitor]] - Subterfuge and doing what has to be done at any cost.
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