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Memento Mundi Wiki

Memento Mundi is a Fantasy Live-Action Role-Playing game (aka “LARP” or, occasionally, “FLRP”) run in Shotover Country Park in Oxford (UK) on Saturday afternoons under the auspices of OURPGSoc (the Oxford University RolePlaying Games Society) and open to all - the first two games are free!

We meet on Saturday mornings at 11am at the Magic Cafe on Magdalen Steet.

It's a high combat Sword & Sorcery fare in the usual linear LARP mould, set in a world reeling in the aftermath of a metaphysical remaking known as the Upheaval. We aim to be welcoming to casual players and students on a tight budget, so running around having fun is more important to us than anything else. Hopefully everything you need to know about the game will be answered on one of the pages below.

Please email with any questions.

Upcoming Games

If you would like to GM an adventure, please contact gm at to double check that the date has not been allocated to anyone else. Once you have a date, you can edit the larp details here

Out of Term05/09/2015MatthewHighThe Penitent Damned In recent weeks the rate of magical “accidents” throughout the city has been rocketing to almost unprecedented levels even by the lofty standards of Acryn. The recent swathe of atrocities combined with the long and storied history of magical malpractice within Acryn has led to the council to consider several bills to severely limit or ban numerous magical practises. In response the college of the stars has set about quietly hiring a group of competent individuals to block this vote by getting to the bottom of the recent incidents hopefully finding some form of exonerating evidence or if not some other way to stop the bills going through.
12/09/2015DanAHighOcean of NightmaresA number of priests of the Dreaming Ocean have made a pilgrimage to Acryn, seeking the promised one who will journey to the source of the Ocean and fix the evil which has taken residence there.
24/10/2015 - Night LarpMatthew
28/11/2015 same weekend as Falling Down
Out of term12/12/2015
2014/02/20 13:14 · Dan A


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