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Memento Mundi is a Fantasy Live-Action Role-Playing game (aka “fantasy LARP” or “FLiRP”) run in Shotover Country Park in Oxford (UK) on Saturday afternoons under the auspices of OURPGSoc (the Oxford University RolePlaying Games Society) and open to all - the first two games are free!

We meet on Saturday mornings at 11am at the Magic Cafe on Magdalen Steet.

It's a high combat Sword & Sorcery fare in the usual linear LARP mould, set in a world reeling in the aftermath of a metaphysical remaking known as the Upheaval. We aim to be welcoming to casual players and students on a tight budget, so running around having fun is more important to us than anything else. Hopefully everything you need to know about the game will be answered on one of the pages below.

Please email gm@mementomundi.chaosdeathfish.com with any questions.

Upcoming Games

Out of Term26/04/2014DaveH---
Trinity3/05/2014 DaytimeDanATBDFriendship, and other things which aren't real magicThe College of the Stars requests escorts and aides to help a research investigation into a patch of flux a few miles south of Margush, which is seemingly defined entirely by the beliefs of local children.
Trinity3/05/2014 EveningOliverAll LevelsFreeformFurther Information
Trinity10/05/2014HarryHHighThe Final ChapterHarlon Quirk attempts to become a better man, through inadvisable magical rituals.
Trinity17/05/2014IainDLowInto the VaultsA party are sought to enter “The Vaults”, an ancient location deep within the College of the Stars where the city has stored some items deemed too dangerous to ever be used.
Trinity24/05/2014Empire Event 2 (game dependant on sufficient demand)
Trinity7/06/2014JamesG & HarryHProvisional Night Larp
Trinity14/06/2014Oddyssey Event 1 (game dependant on sufficient demand)
Trinity21/06/2014DanAMediumThe Path of The Leader
Out of Term28/06/2014TBD
Out of Term05/07/2014TBD
Out of Term12/07/2014TBD
Out of Term18/07/2014 - 20/07/2014DanATBD36hr: Journey to the East
Out of Term26/07/2014Empire Event 3 (game dependant on sufficient demand)
Out of Term02/08/2014TBD
Out of Term09/08/2014Odyssey Event 2 (game dependant on sufficient demand)
Out of Term16/08/2014TBD
Out of Term23/08/2014TBD
Out of Term30/08/2014TBD
Out of Term06/09/2014TBD
Out of Term13/09/2014Empire Event 4 (game dependant on sufficient demand)
Out of Term20/09/2014TBD
Out of Term27/09/2014TBD
Out of Term04/10/2014TBD
Out of Term11/10/2014TBD
Out of Term13/12/2014TBD
Out of Term20/12/2014TBD
Out of Term27/12/2014TBD
Out of Term03/01/2015TBD
Out of Term10/01/2015TBD
Out of Term17/01/2015TBD
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