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System Changelog


  • Updated Lord of the Rock Divine Favour to work as intended (rather than as written). Golems are no longer weirdly fleshy.
  • Updated advancement rules as related to backgrounds to make them clearer, as well as allowing one new background at level 3 and one at level 4.
  • Trepaning rules changed to remove reference to backstab, seeing as backstab no longer works like that.


  • Changed Backstab
    • Call is now a duration silent rend (e.g. BACKSTAB 20)
    • Skirmisher Backstab tree updated with new ordering based on skill change
    • Improved Backstab allows Backstab with all bladed weapons
    • Propagated changes to Background and Traitor Priest
    • Added effect to Fighter High Pain Threshold
  • Added Lich Epic Tree
  • Added “hungering effects” to Undeath
  • Added Xavier personal power effects


Changed 5th level of True Face of the Leader tree to Embodiment.


Changes to Divine Favour of the Splintered Man, Canvas of Creation epic tree and Traveller of the Lost Spaces epic tree, following Shattered Futures.

Added Oracular Vision epic tree and Impossible Geometries epic tree.

Added the Heroic Path's Divine Favour.


Added an xfic namespace which is only available to registered users, so adult fiction can be uploaded to the website.


  • Update to Stealing Power from the Gods Epic Tree
  • Added Shadow Symbiote Epic Tree
  • Divine Favour of He Who Devours Himself added.


Big Christmas update!

Long overdue update to Acceptable Themes, adding comments on mind control, genital manipulation, and domestic abuse.

Changes to Journeyman include

  • Potency
  • Advance Application
  • Well Versed
  • Mix Alchemy

Changes to Mage include

  • Enchant Weapon
  • Enchant Armour
  • Updated wording for Fault of Life, Fault of Temperance.

Changes to Tender include

  • Shield skills - brought into line with every other shield skill
  • Convalescence - Now also effects poisons
  • Purification of the Body - Now also effects poisons
  • Stay the Claw - Slightly wider usage
  • Resurrection - More detail on usage during combat
  • Geyser and Wave of Fertility have been replaced with Geyser of Fertility
  • added miracle Shelter the Weak

Changes to Warrior include

  • Face me Beast! Replaced with Face me!

Changes to Leader include

  • Updated wording on Hear Me! Cease your Deceptions! You Dare not Strike Me! and Unending Fervour!

Fighter changes include

  • Weapon Talent 1 - Wound 5 now Wound 10
  • Weapon Talent 2 - Wound 5 now Wound 10
  • Heavy Armour Use - Added resist to Wound
  • Organisational ties skills - Various affiliation/backing/champion skills adjusted to line up with new Organisational ties background and epic tree.

Skirmisher changes include

  • New lv5 skills Twin Dagger Disarm and Powerful Strike.

Wayfinder changes include

  • Organisational ties skills - Various guild membership/backing/councillor skills adjusted to line up with new Organisational ties background and epic tree.
  • Updated wording on Shake Reality's Fetters, Destabilisation, Stabilisation.

Resources changes include

  • Removed obsolete line about complexity
  • Removed unwieldy table
  • Added some new resources (Apothecary+upgrades, Observatory)


  • Added Organisational Ties to Backgrounds and Epic Trees
  • Knowledgeable added to backgrounds
  • Splintered Man Blessed items added
  • Minor wording updates to More Flux than Mortal, Repair the form.
  • Updates to reflect changes to Heavy Armour use and Weaponry in Fighter.



  • Adds the ENTANGLE call.


  • Minor buff to Agility - disabling spells and arrow hits now take effect at the end of your Agility use rather than wrecking it.
  • Skirmishers now get to choose a single weapon background for free in addition to their normal two. If you're already playing a skirmisher with a weapon background, you get one of your background choices back.
  • Several buffs and changes to the Survivalist tree.


  • Reduces the awfulness of the well versed tree and removes the superfluous third level. Alchemists who had it get the point back.
  • Reduces Advanced Application to a X per adventure skill.
  • Clarifies the use of Infused.


  • Nerfs to Symbols of production, protection and creating.


  • Rolled Extended Stabilisation into Destabilisation.


  • Released initial lost lore epic tree (greater spells yet to come).


  • Released full details for Arcane Curse epic tree.


  • Release Aetheyta & Lord of the Rock Divine Favour backgrounds.


  • Merged Nobility and Merchant backgrounds.
  • Added detail to how background progression works.


  • Detailed how Divinely Favoured interacts with being a priest.


Fault of temperance changed, now causes the target to act as if under the effects of REND for 1 minute.


  • Level thresholds increased - you now need to have more skill points spent to start buying the next level of skills.
  • Starting XP increased - you now have 7 before adding in extras. However, due to the previous change, you will need to spend more of these on level 1 skills.
  • Leader and Warrior Priest divine auras improved - both now offer some flexibility.
  • Clawfiend epic trees slightly tweaked and added to the Epic Trees page.
  • Rules for being a council member added on the Epic Trees page.
  • Patch Up now heals 6HP.
  • Medical Journeyman class feature improved.
  • Hardy Skill removed. Skill trees amended to reflect this.
  • Skirmisher Ambidex tree rearranged.
  • Dreaming Ocean fluff changed.
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