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Character Advancement

Each time you play on or monster a linear, you will receive 1 skill point. If you played, you may spend this only on the character you played as1), otherwise it may be used on any of your characters, or on a new character. We encourage players to have more than one character at any one time.

Skill points can be spent to purchase any new skills on your class, background or epic trees that you meet the prerequisites for and are of a level of which you can purchase skills. In order for a character to unlock a new level of skills to purchase they must have:

  1. Had a certain number of skill points spent on them. Skills obtained from a complimentary background do count, skills given for free from other sources (Wayfinder free skill, Divine Favour's free miracle) don't.
  2. Gone on at least one adventure in this state (does not apply when spending starting points).

The thresholds to unlock new levels of skills are:

  • Level 2: 5 points
  • Level 3: 11 points
  • Level 4: 17 points
  • Level 5: 24 points

Many skills will have prerequisites, represented on the trees by one or more arrows pointing to them. If this is a solid arrow you must have the skill from which the arrow originates to purchase the new skill. If there are two or more dashed arrows to a skill, you must have at least one of the skills from which the dashed arrows emanate before purchasing the new skill, in addition to any other prerequisite skills.


Skill points can be used to increase the amount of wealth a character possesses as described on the wealth page.

Extended Training

As a character progresses, they may find themselves wishing to learn a few tricks outside their normal purview. For example, a mage tired of being beaten down may wish to teach themselves to use heavier armour, while a fighter may wish to learn first aid after watching an ally bleed out at their feet. To represent this, once at level 3 and once at level 4 you may spend 1xp to give yourself an additional background slot. You may then fill these slots with a background and buy skills in that background as normal. For examples, Sally's character takes the Merchant background at character gen, but leaves her second background slot empty. At level 3 she pays 1 xp, gets an additional background slot, and uses her 2 background slots to take Dabbler Mage.

Epic Trees

The player characters in Memento Mundi may start like any other adventurers, but will progress to be some of the greatest heroes or villains the world has ever seen, and will sometimes experience things beyond that which any normal mortal normally would. Sometimes these experiences will grant a character access to new insights and abilities, represented by small additional trees of special skills they can purchase, as described on Epic Trees.

1) if your character died during the adventure you played them on then you may treat this XP as if you monstered the adventure
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