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of things long lost

Initial Brief



The party fight there way into the centre of the storm towards the dragon gate. When they get there they find another gate flying off into the sky and a small group of mages just wrapping up a ritual. They talk about regaining the the allmothers Grace before the party lose interest and cut them all down before they are forced to flee away from the gate.

There the party meet the council and are hired to track down the rogue dragon gate and stop whatever plan is trying to be enacted. gotta Darish suggests they retrieve acryns floating sky fortress in order to allow them to reach the thunderhead in the sky.

The party travel into the flux and eventually find the fortress chained to the floor and assaulted by draconic entities. They smash the chains and flee into the sky finding that the fortress has been taken over by a dragon born call Besherhara the Malformed, the party barter for passage to the dragon gate in return for letting Besherhara have the dragon gate afterwards.

The party fly into the storm fighting there way through yet more storm clouds and a floating forest before finding the dragon gate in the sky. A grand ritual of unknown purpose underway. As they approach the wind and the rain attempt to drain the party of hope succeeding in doing so to Geoffrey and to a lesser extent Rodrigo

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