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The Last War - In Progress

Initial Brief





  • 100 Riel
  • Divine Favor of the Blood of empires.


  • Has retired creating a new serradice afterlife out in the desert. A wall of statis keeps the dragons out whilst the blood of empires transports those who have paid for passage in.

Dave's Character

  • Divine Favor of the Raging Tide.
  • Is now head of the East Empire company military wing in Acryn.
  • Has been told to bathe in the sea every day to be forewarned of the coming attack.


  • The Serradic Pantheon is split, the Jubilant Mask, Stoic Veil and Blood of empires have decided not to go to war whilst the Raging Tide prepares to strike against Acryn.
  • The Serradics have a functioning afterlife again, provided they at some point in their lives or shortly thereafter pay the Blood of Empires the fee for safe transport.
  • The Blood of Empires has been taken away to a safehouse somewhere.
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