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Oblitus Mundi: 2017 Memento Mundi 36hr

Terrible news has been delivered by agents operating within the Serradic Empire. The minor city of Armia, just west of Junnes, has been lost. The information retrieved from Acryn Agents suggests that the city has been lost to a single patch of “Pure Potential”, that there are several smaller patches located nearby, and that no method of accessing or fixing these patches has been possible so far.

The Council believes this to be the work of Frederick Dines and is the first stage of a plan many have long feared he was planning, a second Upheaval. Diplomats have been sent to Serradis to broker a deal giving Acryn access to Armia. However, the Council does not believe there is enough time to wait for their response and is preparing a response team to head out towards Armia immediately.

The Council is seeking anyone who has previously helped the city in resolving emergency incidents. It is their belief that due to the level of threat this incident represents that they cannot risk any potential skillset being unavailable should the need arise. Arrangements have been made to ship out interested parties to an encampment being setup near Armia, where appropriate responses can be locally organised.

Event Details

The Memento Mundi 36hr will take place on Friday 21st-Sunday 23rd July at Huntley Wood in Staffordshire, arriving after 5pm on the Friday with TIME IN at 8pm and leaving by 2pm on the Sunday with TIME OUT at 1pm at the latest. The event will be fully catered (details tbc).

The cost for players is £50 for current students and £60 for non-students, with a deposit of £15 to secure your place. Players will be able to play one or many of their characters over the course of the weekend and will not be expected to do any monstering.

There is £10 charge for crew to cover food.

Bookings should be made through the following Google Form: - payment and dietary requirements are both due by the end of June.

If you are booked to play, please complete the following character information form as well:

If you are booked to crew, please complete the following crew information form as well:

There will be both an IC and an OC camping area for players. The IC area will be IC for 24hrs, so roleplay as you wish. We can confirm though that between midnight and 9am each night, no plot will be run by the GMs.

In terms of tents, there will be a large marquee in the IC area, but we’re not providing any tents beyond that. If you need a hand acquiring one, do shout as there are a lot of people who may be able to sort you out. Huntley Wood do offer hiring of tents that can fit about 6 people for £75 for the three days which they will put up and take down.

There are indoor showers and toilet facilities in the huts by the OC camping and crew sleeping areas. For a full idea of facilities, see

Food will be provided by the excellent Scott Large from Conspiracy Catering. The menu is as follows, please let us know if there’s a problem.

  • Friday night (9pm): (Chicken or not) Fajita/Enchilada/Falafel wraps
  • Saturday Morning (9am): Cooked Breakfast / Cereals
  • Saturday Lunch (2pm): White or Wholemeal Pasta with one of Neopolitan, Arrabiata, Bolognese, Cheese, Carbonara or Veggy Carbonara Sauce
  • Saturday Night (8pm): Roast Pork dinner (Nut roast for veggies)
  • Sunday Morning (9am): Cooked Breakfast / Cereals.

Event Specific Calls

  • REPEL - This cannot be resisted in any way. You must move directly away from the source of the REPEL for 15s or until it is OC unsafe / implausible to do so.
  • OBLITERATE - Immediately call DISAPPEARING. You cannot resist this by any means at the point of this call occurring. Immediately go to a free Ref.
  • FORGET - For the next 30s you are unable to remember how to use any of your skills and cannot call damage.

Unless explicitly told you can by a Ref, you cannot resist any of these calls by any means.

Detection Abilities

The following additional call is available for the 36hr:


If you have an ability which would usually allow you to ask a GM whether one of these things is present in an encounter then you may instead call DETECT (followed by the type). Responses will generally be YES (or no response / NO). Alternate responses are possible and should be obvious (e.g., GOD in response to DETECT DIVINE means that the character is a GOD). If you do not have one of these abilities then you must disregard any responses you hear.

Encounters and Adventures

Any “Per Adventure” abilities you have will reset at dawn (you get one use per a day).

Any “Per Encounter” abilities you have will reset after 5 minutes away from combat (there must not be combat happening in an area that you could see) or if a GM calls “NEW ENCOUNTER”. Any abilities that call TIME FREEZE should be fine to use on linears, but please use them sparingly in camp. If you know you are going to use an ability that requires TIME FREEZE (in camp or in large encounters or hypothetical Ultimate Boss Fights) please find a Ref before you use the ability and explain to them what you are trying to do. If you hear TIME FREEZE in camp, this applies to the entire camp.

Wealth cannot be generated during the 36hr owing to characters being far from the city, but all income will apply beforehand as for any adventure. Abilities which generate items will not work during the adventure without access to appropriate manufacturing opportunities (e.g., an Alchemical Lab or a Smithy). Similarly, XP is not generated during the 36hr, only at the end, so spend beforehand!

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