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Larp Request

Here players can requests LARPS to be run for their characters or groups of characters. A player requested LARP will be run once every four weeks (or more if GMs find an idea particularly compelling) and is a chance for players to progress their personal plots and shape the world in a more directed fashion. It is also an excellent opportunity for retirement LARPs. Obviously if characters have similar or overlapping goals that can be combined on a single LARP then GMs are encouraged to run adventures allowing multiple characters to enact their schemes.

The Rules:

Players should only ever have one request per character on the list at the time. Once a player has had a LARP run for them they will not have another (on the dedicated LARP at least) run for them until all others players on the list have had their turn. These requests are not an excuse to power game. They are for progressing the characters personal story not turning the character into an unstoppable engine of destruction. They should be reasonable aims both IC, in terms of what the character should be capable of for their level, and OC. GMs should not make success guaranteed, just because its a player request it doesn't mean the character shouldn't be challenged.

GMing a player requested LARP

Allowing others to have fun with no personal gain? Pish Posh. And there is a distinct benefit to GMing a player requested LARP, in that you immediately jump to the top of the list to have your own personal adventure run by the LARPO in the next slot.

Player Requests

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