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Non-human Characters

When creating a non-human character, it is important to work out where they have come from. By default, a non-human character will have been created by a harbinger of the consensus putting a soul into a body. That body will either be a naturally occurring one (such as an animal's body) or one which has been created (by magic or artifice).

Commonly characters created by lone wayfinders will have an animal's body, characters created by the Clockmaker's guild (in conjunction with the Wayfinder's Guild) will be Clockwork Automatons, and characters created by “The Arche-Mage” will be Paper Golems.

Because the process of creating a soul results in that soul being (initially) predisposed towards its creator, you should know who created you and what your relationship with them is.


Unusually big

The Tough skill provides you with 3 hits rather than 2. You can never gain either dodges or resists. When in areas designed for human use (e.g., buildings) your movement is likely to be restricted and the GM can provide additional rules to simulate this, by default you are only able to move at a slow walk when in restrictive terrain.

Unusually small

You have 3 base hits, and a dodge. When purchasing the Tough skill, you gain an additional dodge instead of additional body hits. You may additionally use your dodges to “roll” with ranged effects, taking the effect component but ignoring the damage component.


You start with three body hits and two armour hits. The tough skill gives you additional armour hits. You can choose if your armour is natural (in which case it is effected by HEAL and vulnerable to poisons) or artificial (in which case it is effected by RENEW and is immune to most poisons).


All your body hits are armour hits. How this interacts with poisons is up to the GM. HEAL calls have no effect on you. You count as light armour for the purposes of repairing, unless you have either of the skills medium armour use or heavy armour use, in which case you count as the appropriate armour type. You gain any hits and effects provided by your armour skill, but cannot gain any benefit from wearing armour. Additionally, you should take a shatter which hits your body as a QUAD.

Lacking Primal blood

You do not gain beneficial effects from alchemy. You cannot suffer addiction to alchemy. You may choose a proportion of your income to represent an 'energy pool' which you can use to purchase alchemy like effects (for example a paper golem may have paper talismans), these can only be activated by the character (they cannot be activated on behalf of the character). These still count as potions for the purpose of how many potions you can carry.


You are not your own master. You gain the effects of the contacts skill with regards to your owner's organisation. Any money you make is claimed by your owner, and access to it is dependant on how pleased your owner is with you (the gm may choose a short roleplay encounter to determine how much of your funds you can access, especially if your last adventure did not produce a profit).

No Hands

What sits at the end of your limbs is not as dexterous as human hands, you are unable to wield weapons or perform fine manipulation. Your limbs count as one specific type of superior weapon, you should use an appropriate weapon phys-rep for this purpose. You cannot wield weapons or gain any benefit from them. If your limb (weapon phys-rep) is struck with a DISARM then you should take a WOUND 5, if struck with SHATTER then you should instead take a WOUND 30.

You may still use medical or crafting skills, but how you do this should be integral to the character (for example, you may be a Clockwork Golem who has medical tools in place of their hands).


  • Paper Golem - inorganic, non-primal blood.
  • Clockwork Golem - armoured, owned.
  • Cat - unusually small, no hands.
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