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Blast from the Past

Initial Brief

A mantoi drone has shown up at the gates of Acryn and delivered a note stating that the Green Queen offers a rich reward to any group of skilled adventurers willing to travel to her nest and explore a potentially dangerous region deep beneath the earth.



As Franceso complete his ritual all save Unit 03 are sucked into a dark vortex and spat out of the Acryn Dragon Gate in a plume of energy that tears apart an unfortunate trade vessel. Booker attempts to save as many sailors as possible whilst the others send runners to their contacts. They inform of their mission, importantly letting the Council and Civil service know of a Dragon Gate apparently present somewhere in or near Serradis.

Returning to the Mantoi, Ricardo arranges for a group of True Council toughs to accompany him with a wagon in case there is any loot to be salvaged from the city's ruins. Dara Elm is extremely pleased to have her Black Mantoi compatriots returned to her and rewards the group with sacks filled with precious gems. Franceso persuades her to part with a chest of mana crystals too, the rest of the party apparently happy to be complicit in his misrepresentation of the mana costs of getting her people home.

Returning to the cavern they find that disjunct in reality is gone, leaving just the weathered ancient statue that marked its boundary. Ricardo and his cronies manoeuvre the ancient artefact onto the wagon, and they bring it back to Acryn where he arranges a well attended auction and sells it for an excellent price.

Francesco's contacts inform him that the Council's committee investigating the Dragon Gate has determined that some outside influence has started effecting the portal. Concerned that his relationship with Carlaeon may come to light he gives a sizable bribe to one of the investigators to make sure that his name says out things.

Meanwhile in the skies of Triskellion, Unit 03 wanders aimlessly hoping to find some materials from which he can craft an escape. Though he occasionally happens across one of the strange creatures of the realm, none of them seem able to speak with him and their bodies offer little of use. Eventually his alchemical pumps run dry, his core darkens and cools and his cogs click to a stop. Awakening in the Acryn afterlife, 03 scavenges the realm to create a new mechanical body and flees through his hidden backdoor. Realising that he now lacks a functioning alchemical core he approaches both his new and old owners for aid, however Alteri seems amused by his plight and demands a pleasing service in exchange for assistance. The representative of the Clockmaker's Guild attempt to persuade him to shut down so that his glitches can be fixed, however Unit03 quickly determines that they have no intention of leaving his modifications in place and flees before he can be captured.

The whereabouts of the now defunct city of Anandi are now unknown. Presumably the Lost Space it lies within is now accessible from closer to its original location, where-ever that might be.

Rewards and Consequences
100R in Gems

100R in Gems, 150R from the College of Stars for the Statue
80R in expenses to the True Council and Auctioneers

100R in Gems, 10 Mana Crystals
Has spent 50R to keep his name out of the Dragon Gate investigation

Unit 03
Must replace his Core within 2 adventures or will die.
His pilfering and escape from the afterlife may have attracted attention from the Guardian and Stanchion.
Has gained a decent understanding of the physiology of the green mantoi.

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