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Blood Memories

Initial Brief

You wake up standing on the deck of a ship as it zips over the water, carried by a swelling wave. Around you, you hear clamoring voices, as armed people brace themselves. In your pocket is a letter.

You probably don’t remember, the ritual tends to have that effect. You are in the memories of another. Travel through the memories. Your mission is to find out what they did, stay in character, don’t veer off path and find out what happened to the gate - for without it we are all lost.

Ghitta Darrish

As you finish reading the letter you see Acryn’s bay come into view before you, horns of warning blaring across the water.



The party awaken aboard a boat part of the raging tides assault upon acryn. The raging tide themselves extols the righteousness of their cause whilst a drill sergeant barks at them to get into position

The party barely have time to get their bearings before the boats reach the storm-wall surrounding acrryn harbour and the assault begins. They run into some heavy resistance from the circle of the broken wing and are all killed. As this happens however reality seems to fracture around them and a cross sounding voice comments that their doing it wrong and weren't supposed to lose. They then find themselves back where they began and on the second attempt manage to prevail.

Confronted by a killing field and Ballista towers the party manage to make it across and take out the ballista's although the latter once again takes a second attempt much to the voices annoyance. After this they regroup with the raging tide in a forward position.

Just as the assault seems to be going well however the very air above them seems to fracture into a raging sphere. The killing sphere of Ouroboros precedes to slaughter it's way through the assault before finally the raging tide rents it asunder but is mortally wounded in the process. The last fragments of their power jump into lotty however.

The party pick up the box they were told was important and carry on. As they reach the edge of the crater they come across a member of the penitent damned attacked by some magical constructs. They drive the constructs off, the mage reaches out a hand and burns the knowledge of a draconic dweomer into lionells head telling him he muct cast it upon the gate.

With newly invigorated purpose the party head towards the gate they meet stiff resistance dying to some soldiers led by a tender priest the first three times. They eventually get through to the gate.

The First time Lionel attempts to keep everyone at bay with refinement magic but the arrival of Julius Ravenfall and the death of the rest of the party swiftly lead to their deaths.

The second time Julius Ravensfall once again killed them all.

The third time the party quickly take out the original guards and when Julius Ravenfall arrives Lotty takes on the Mein of the raging tide to meet him in combat aided by the copious blinds of Alfonso. Using the time Lionel opens the box unleashing the Devourer cat which sets about eating the gate and the reality around it. Even as he was dying however Julius picked up the devourer bearing terrible wounds but carrying it into the fluctuating gate and elsewhere. As reinforcements arrived Lionel attempted to enact Arturion's Cosmic Sundering casting the gate beyond Triskellion's grasp. As Lotty held of the resugent broken wing the ritual reached it climax and Lionel cracked and fractured into small pieces but as he did so so did the gate the world around it. As reality was torn asunder the party were overwhelmed by the circle of the broken wing and taken into custody.



  • 100 Riel
  • In good standing with the College Militia
  • Occasionally resurgent memories of another life.


  • Knowledge of the Draconic Dweomer Arcturion's Cosmic Sundering. This effectively gives control of a dragon gate to Carleon killing the caster in the process.
  • Horrific nightmares of his body and soul fracturing.


  • Dabbler Mage Unification, when she cats spells however she feels a sense of personal hatred and perhaps gets a bit more evil.


The combination of the grand ritual and devourerer have left reality around the dragon gate a strange twisted mess. People in the city claim to hear a voice beyond the gate mocking them in their dreams and twisted shapes moving on the edge of their vision.


Acryn has been rocked by several major incidents over the last 2 months. Starting with the rioting and the assassination of Mayor Salic which resulted in escalation of martial law, the disbanding of the Council, and Corlo Graves positioning himself as Lord Protector of the City. This was followed with the loss of the College of the Stars and its Principal Francesco Fractura. While this resulted in the loss of the City’s biggest stockpile of mana and most of its magical artefacts, most of the people survived. This has left Ghita Darrish in charge of the College and she has taken no time in restyling the college as her own personal militia. Given the seriousness of the threat to reality posed by the increasingly common stasis, very few people have opposed her restyling of the college. In fact, support for Ghita is strong among the College and Darrish family. This has left her as one of the few people in the city with both the strength and will to oppose Corlo Graves.

Corlo has been very active in the development of infrastructure within Tuireann in order to support an evacuation of the city. He has also solidified his power base by ensuring that his supporters are given oversight and power within the new community he is developing within Tuireann. Up until recently most of Ghita Darrish’s opposition was to ensure opportunities within this new community were not limited to Corlo’s allies.

With the loss of the Dragon Gate, things within the city have become very bad. With no clear way of accessing New Foundations (as Corlo’s development has become known), much of Corlo’s defacto support has dropped away, although he still remains the most powerful faction in the city and no-one has yet challenged him on his leadership. Much expectation sits with Ghita Darrish and the Collegiate Militia, as the most likely source of a new escape route. If Ghita unveils a solution to the problem it is likely that all the currently unaligned factions within the city will flock to her banner, but so far nothing has been announced. As both major factions working towards saving the city are headed by nobles, the revolutionaries continue to make themselves a nuisance, interfering with lawkeeping and evacuation preparations. Given the state of affairs within the city, the True Council has cracked down on any operations not sanctioned by the upper echelons. Protection rackets are squeezing businesses harder than ever, but thefts are being met with heavy reprisals, especially against targets involved in evacuation efforts. One notable theft of supplies heading towards the dragon gate prior to its loss resulted in the stolen materials being returned along with the heads of the criminals and their extended family.

Currently the groups aligned with the two main factions are: Lord Protector Corlo Graves:

  • Graves Family
  • Cargan Family
  • The City Watch
  • Circle of the Broken WIng
  • Spicer’s Guild
  • Engineer’s Guild
  • Vintner’s Guild
  • Anti-Marian Leader Churches

Ghita Darrish and the Collegiate Militia:

  • College of the Stars
  • Darrish Family
  • Terrec Family
  • Church of the Builder
  • Builder’s Union
  • Pro-Marian Leader Churches

Major Factions currently unaligned:

  • Wayfinder’s Guild
  • Farmer’s Union
  • The True Council
  • People’s College
  • Church of the Warrior
  • Church of the Tender
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