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By the Grace of the Builder

Initial Brief

Unit 03, under the name “Brother Tarkus” attempts to gather people to aid him on a pilgrimage to the Builder's greatest work.



After some unsuccessful attempts to hire a wayfinder, the party head out into the flux. On the way to their destination they end up fighting off clawfiends and flux-cannibals.

Reaching their destination and finding a broken door and an inscription telling them to “do the right thing”, they spend some time discussing before deciding to head inside and seal up the door behind them. Heading inside they creep through a number of traps and fight their way past some animate statues of the Founders. Soon they find themselves in a room with a number of other people, who have come here as part of an archeological expedition. From the archeologists they learn a little about “The Crucible” as well as some of the personal theories they have about the Builder.

After eating, the party head further into the prison while the archeologists head to the exit to see if they can fortify it further (in case the party accidently release anything they shouldn’t). Further in, the party enter a room containing a great obsidian orb. A large inscription warns them not to break the orb under any circumstance. Even as they read the inscription, shadows seem to stretch towards the party, although whatever the shadows are attempting to do fails, as the party resists their efforts.

Behind the orb they find a door marked “The Crucible”. Concerned about staying in the room with the orb any longer than they have to, they head straight down. After a few minutes of descent, and just as they are considering stopping to repair their armour, a voice booms out at them: People believed me capable of defeating the Destroyer, because they saw me as their opposite. A force of creation equal to the destruction she wrought. But that is not true. True destruction will always win over pure creation. You have violated the warnings I left, threatened the release of the Destroyer, and entered my final creation. So now I will judge you. What are you? Destruction? Creation? Or something else? Immediately after the voice has stopped, flying hammers appear out of nowhere, although the party are able to dispatch them relatively easily. Once the hammers are gone the party find themselves in a green glade, which contains a sword, a pile of bricks and timber, a statue, and a small child. While Aria focusses on the child, Henry experiments with each of the object, breaking the statue, building a statue, and picking up the sword. Meanwhile Unit 03 focuses on finding a way out of the garden.

Shortly after, the garden fades away and 3 figure move towards the party, creatures of fire, sparks, and the sound of hammers, but also reflections of the party. They ask the party why their hear, what sort of creator they are, what they want to create. Each party member then agrees to be reforged. Henry has his skin peeled away, as molten bronze is hammered into him. Aria has two swords plunged into her, before they get beaten into her body. Unit 03 is taken apart piece by piece and rebuilt, although no visible difference can be seen.

After the reforging the party find themselves in a crypt. Unit 03 first meditates on the perfect tool and feels the builder gazing back, guiding his ideas as the form takes shape. Next Unit 03 begins a dissection, activating the mausoleums protection and getting himself excommunicated. As unit 03 begins to prepare to take on the protections, Aria puts the idea of dissecting the Builder to the Traitor, and learns it should be opposed. Unit 03 and Aria battle for a long time before Unit 03 finally goes down, at which point Henry steps in and pours a transformation potion on Unit 03, converting him into a star-metal statue.

The party then head up from the mausoleum, fighting their way through the effects of the orb, and reaching the door. Finding that it is now near-impenetrable. Henry tries to break the wall down, but it continues to resist his attempts. Then he starts behaving slightly differently, requests 2 mana crystals, and performs 2 rituals, one of which destroys the wall. He then leaves, ignoring Aria and leaving Unit 03’s statue behind. After a few minutes he comes back, not entirely certain what happened, and in the confusion convinces the Architect that he has been possesed by the Destroyer. When it becomes clear that they cannot come to an agreement Henry punches out the Architect, doses him with sleep of death, and leaves.

Back in Acryn, Henry allows the Architect to talk with the Builder Church while he heads to talk to Jimmy Hoskins. After a quick chat, Henry leaves with a promise of a suit of master crafted armour, the knowledge that his soul has been mysteriously repaired, and leaving Unit 03 with Jimmy. After returning home, he is confronted by an apparently endless assault force of the Builder’s warriors. Eventually a bloody and beaten Henry is brought before the High Architect (although not before his house and much of his street is destroyed). After a short ritual the High Architect confirms that whatever may have possessed Henry, it is not the greatest nemesis of the Builder. He then gives Architect Law the responsibility of apologising and sorting out the mess. A quick discussion about how Henry did quite literally ask for it, the two agree that Henry’s house will be rebuilt and the incident will be forgotten.

Back at Jimmy’s, Unit 03 is restored to a working form while Jimmy makes an offer to him. To work for both him and Altieri. After some back and forth Unit 03 reveals that Altieri has complete access to the Acryn afterlife. In exchange Jimmy hands over a substantial bag of gems and arranges the necessary components for Unit 03 to rebuild himself.



Has been reforged, her spine both literally and metaphorically strengthened such that she is always capable of standing up for what is right. Once per encounter and with 30s of meditation she may put forward a plan of action to The Traitor. She will then know whether the plan should be completed at all cost or opposed at all cost. No evidence will be capable of changing her mind. This knowledge will remain with her even if her other memories fade. Once per an adventure she may also request help. This help will come in the form of a minor blessing, the duration and potency at the discretion of the GM, based on how important the subject is to the Traitor.

Aria has also gained the Divine Favour of the Builder. Although she may not remember why, she has the sense that so long as she always cares for the plight of children, that the favour will remain.


Has been reforged, his skin is now literally bronze and his physical power is obvious to all (has gained access to the Primal Epic tree with the archetype “Battle”).

Unit 03

Has been reforged, and in the process learnt how to build “Life”. Once per an adventure he may give the power of motion to something. He has gained divine inspiration for building the perfect tool, this counts as a potent artefact component. He has rebuilt himself, his body is now Mastercrafted and is an Artefact (the perfect tool).

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