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Leader Lost

Initial Brief

The Incarnate Leader has arranged a gathering for important people of the city to discuss the state of the city in a low-key manner. It is widely known that this appears to be attempt to reunify his/her church and to establish better control of the city.


In the wake of the meeting, the Leader leaves the city. This is done calmly and solemnly. The Leader takes the main street from the Council building to the western gate, escorted by Samuel and a small contingent of bodyguards. As they make their way to the gate angry citizens stand and shout in the streets, but they are kept back from the Leader. Either by his own powerful presence or the firm control his once-priests exert on the crowd. For anyone watching it is clear that while much of the city has turned out to make their anger known, it is the Church of the Leader who truly direct the people. Other notable people are also seen inspiring the people, including Vincent Barma and Alise Luckner seemingly throwing the support of the Tender Church behind the ousting, Samuel Skye of the Postal Corp is seen organising the anti-leader movement, and Lady Rosemile walking back and force between various camps trying to convince to support the idea of a leader (who is not THE Leader). As the Leader walks past the crowds close behind him, almost all of the citizens are armed but none brandish their weapons, instead making a statement with their presence: the city is theirs.

Many jump into disaster management mode, ready to deal with violent clashes across the city, but with the exception of a few scuffles in the merchant district the night is quiet. The people of the city act in quiet concert to ensure that those loyal to the Leader are no longer in positions of power. A few churches close their doors, a few councillors resign, and the Church of the Leader seems to mend its rifts.

All this seems to happen in a single night, by morning the city is once again under the leadership of a council, with no ruler in sight. Over the next few weeks many voices start speaking out about how much this shows a need for better leadership within the city. The idea that someone was able to simply walk in and assume control (even if only partially) causes a great deal of rancour. Naturally people are divided as to what needs to change, but there is a general feeling that change is indeed needed. Over time the idea of another layer of council seems to be adopted, someone to give guidance to proceedings and prevent petty squabbling while the council does its business. Jimmy Hoskin’s (now Mayor Hoskins) quickly finds himself in this position, mostly on a platform of “Never again shall one person hold power over Acryn”. Curiously, he is also well received by many royalists. The position theoretically holding no direct legislative power; however, it is quite clear to anyone paying attention that Jimmy holds quite significant sway over the day to day running of the city. Several new councillors are elected, including one Samuel Skye.

A contingent of bureaucrats arrive from Strossborg to help with the ‘issues’ in the civil service, although no issues can be found (and everyone is resistant to co-operating with the foreign bureaucrats). Everything seems to be running efficiently, although there is some evidence of large re-organisations following the ousting of the Leader.

Over the next few months, the cities armed forces begin preparations for the liberation of Liarus. Rumours circle about the Graves family, and that the next head may not be as certain as it once was.

Reports of the Leader’s movements after he left the city are sporadic, but he appears to be visiting towns and villages, gathering followers. Vincent and Alise hear substantially more from their subordinates, who spend several weeks tailing him. At first he is simply visiting small villages, a few villagers seem to choose to follow him in at each stop. He talks about what they want and need, and how they have been let down. If anything, his expulsion from the city has made him much more charismatic. Soon entire villages are pulling up roots and choosing to travel with him, and this continues as he heads across the desert to Liarus and then into the Serradic Empire. By the time he is at the gates of Serradis he has a contingent of a few thousand, almost a third of whom are Serradic. He camps outside the city for several days before entering. Neither spy is willing to risk following him in and being unable to deliver what they know.

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