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Nip it in the Bud

Initial Brief

Inspector Lompard van Strice of the Acryn City Watch requests the assistance of dedicated private civilians to assist with the apprehension of a group of violent repeat offenders.

Payment negotiable, starting at 50 Acra.

Those with connections in the city will be able to discover that the Inspector was recently promoted to lead the newly formed Counter-Revolutionary Taskforce.



The party successfully thwart the rebel's plans and bring in their ringleaders. A very pleased Lompard pays them 100 acra for their efforts.
The party are invited to become members of the Counter-Revolutionary Taskforce and Arcus arranges for them to meet with the Council in several days time.

Count Blackthorn rushes back to the rebel camp and uses his strange ability to sway the revolutionaries to his royalist ways. Some diehard sorts try to protest but are torn apart by the mob. The Caulish instructors withdraw warning Blackthorn that they will remember his betrayal.
Negotiating with the strange presence that he sensed watching the Mantoi he sacrifices a third of the revolutionaries to ensure safe passage through the woods. The survivors slip back into Acryn and return to their homes, primed to support a future uprising.

Colin brings word of the Mantoi to the People's college and the professors there are baffled to explain how a race whose extinction predates the founding of Acryn could be thriving within the Southern woods. Particularly since they do not appear to be beings of the Flux.

At a soiree hosted by the Council Reginald's plans to expand the City walls meet with considerable approval from the representative of the Builder, whilst Saul finds himself politely guided out after scandalising several councillors. Colin finds himself a subject of interest of the Wayfinder's Guild after mentioning his ability to percieve the edge of the Flux. Count Blackthorn is able to use the triumph to fuel his own public ambitions winning support for a future place on the Council.

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