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Reginald Drake


Son of a wealthy merchant, Reginald dreams of building his own fame and fortune within the Builder church. Prone to occasional bouts of Kleptomania, steals from those he dislikes, appropriating their resources for the good of the church.

Died crafting a Hammer to aid his allies in escaping a void. Said Hammer now lies in the Church of the Founders.


Class: Builder Priest

Background #1: Heavy Armour

Background #2: Large Shield


  • Divine Favour 1 - Free Miracle: Concussive Strike
  • Divine Favour 2 - Free Miracle: Divine Forging
  • Divine Favour 3 - Free Miracle: Bulwark
  • Rework
  • Remake
  • Reconstruction
  • Proliferation
  • Armourskin
  • Bulwark
  • Reforged Steel
  • Supreme Creation
Priest Abilities
  • Improved Divine Aura
  • Divine Majesty
  • Congregation
  • Church Backing
  • Hierarch
  • Craftsman 1
  • Craftsman 2
  • Craftsman 3
  • Mastercraftsman
  • Builder
  • Engineer
  • Craftsman's Eye
  • Divine Inspiration
  • Use Hammer
  • Hammer Talent 1
  • Hammer Potency
  • Hammer Finesse
  • Intercession
Background Skills
  • Heavy Armour Use
  • Heavy Armour Training
  • Heavy Armour Repair
  • Use Large Shield

Resource: Small Church

84 Acra

Ice-flecked Stick (Resist 1 Shatter per Adventure)
Superior Hammer
Standard Large Shield
Mastercrafted Heavy Armour
Waterproof Tent
3 Mana Crystals
2 Heal 0 Potions

Buildings and Renovations

The Church of the Founders

Shared with Kjell Caulson, the Church of the Founders is a recently constructed church consisting of four wings, one devoted to each Founder. In the center is an altar, upon which lies a candelabra with four branches, each bearing a candle said to represent each God of Acryn. Upon observing closely, some notice what could be a slot in the middle for a fifth candle, however inspection has revealed nothing has ever been placed there. The candles are kept constantly lit.

Kjell Caulson officiates in the wing devoted to the Leader, and can often be seen giving sermons on the great heroes of Acryn to his congregation.

Reginald Drake is in charge of the Builder wing, and has recently renovated it slightly to provide room for a great ceremonial hammer and anvil, both made out of silver. These items were recovered from an extremely old builder church after it was attacked and burned to the ground, and are quite valuable relics.

Beneath the main altar lies a hidden basement, which Kjell and Reginald plan to use to store and protect sacred items and as a place for Kjell to perform his “Hero surgeries”. There is also a latrine, directly beneath which lies the sewer, which can be used to dispose of any items sullied by surgery, or in an emergency as an escape passage.

Castle Blackthorn

Unbeknownst to Arcus Blackthorn, while designing and building Castle Blackthorn, Reginald included a secret passageway. Simply removing a small layer of bricks in a certain spot on the outer wall would reveal a path, passing through hollow areas of the foundations and walls, leading to behind the fireplace in one of the central chambers.

Foundations of the Council Building

While rebuilding and repairing the foundations of the council building after an attack by revolutionaries, Reginald included two things. One, a secret passage from the sewers to the basement of the council building, and two, a key structural weakness lying inside this passageway, which, if destroyed, would cause much damage to the foundations and building above it. The destruction of this point would require five to ten minutes of hard work with either relevant tools or exceptional strength to bring it down.


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