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Whither the Weather

Initial Brief

A ferocious snow storm descends upon the city of Acryn worse than ever seen before in living memory and there's no sign of it letting up. The winds tear at the eaves, and the window shutters flap and bang. The roads are snow bound and icy whilst business all but grinds to a halt. Fuel is running low and the college of stars is concerned about the origin of this mighty storm and if this weather is some form of consensus or flux in origin.

The City Council’s Civil Service are desperate to lessen the toll that this winter storm is taking on the City's population if possible. To make matters worse, desperate bandits and half starved wild animals have prevented supplies reaching the city in and out of the trade roads, the City guard are dealing with that matter.

Adventurer’s are therefore required to travel north to Margush to learn more of this unusual storm and use whatever powers there are at their disposal to find out what's causing this storm to continue for so long and deal with it if they can. Wayfinders will be needed.

GM Trev Co-GM James G



The adventurers make their way to Margush, encoutering bandits, wolves and men that look like stags. They find the village of Apsell where they learn of the Staglord a local foklore figure who guards the forest. he has been angered by the over hunting of deer in the forest. The players meet the stag lord and through single combat reinstate the old agreements over hunting rights and quotas.

The group head back to the main road and help some stranded traders caught out in the storm and surrounded by bears. the traders are thankful for the escort back to Margush and the group stay in The Pines, one of the three hotels available for the night (The Lakeside Inn: expensive and luxerious, The Pines: basic and business class or the Lilac House: run down, flea bitten, brothel)

They find out that there are several closely linked villages in the North the largest is called Thuxton, they have plenty of old legends about the harsh weather and the party is directed up the mountainside to investigate. They are harassed by large snow monsters from the flux on their journey up the moutain pass.

In Thuxton, the arrive during a winter festival, were a villager dresed as a white dragon is being beaten by sticks. This is an old custom to symbolise the slaying of the white wyrm a creature whose icy breath brings forth the harsh winter winds. The ritual morris dance/dragon beating is said to hold back the worst of winter, but despite being carried out for the third time and the dragon 'volunteer' being very bruised and broken by now, the winter winds still howl around.

The party head up the hill knowing they face a wyrm of mythological proportions, they also know that it can only be truly slain by an equally mythological weapon, whose name and whereabouts have been lost to antiquity.

The final push up the heigest slopes of the mountain are made more deadly by the icebirds which swoop down to attack, their wings like frozen white daggers. depsite some near misses, the party overcomes this obstacle and moes to the great carvern mouth ahead.

Inside is the white wyrm, a creature they have never seen the like of before, it's large fang ringed mouth emits icy breath, whilst behind, coils of scales and legs writhe in anger.

The battle was fierce and unrelenting on both sides, the dragons kicks sending many and hero to the ground, but eventually through powdered snow and slippery conditions the heros defeat the dragon and it freezes to solid crystal ice, impenertrable to normal weaponary.

The wind stops the snow falls gently and the party returns to Margush with ease. From their they are granted passage on a river boat to Acryn for their help with the stranded traders, plus negotiate som remuneration.

The swords of the heros who fought the dragon remain coated with its icy blood and may resist one shatter per adventure, if the sword is ever broken then it will lose this benefit


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