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Kjell Caulson (Retired)


Son of a renowned physician, Kjell is an initiate of the church of the Leader and serves as a talent-spotter amongst the adventuring community. Unlike many of his fellows, Kjell holds that an individual's worth can be nurtured not merely through social manipulation but also through direct adjustment of the physical body, ranging from the addition of 'heroic' scars to the subtraction of 'superfluous' organs.

Following the ascension of Reginald Drake, Kjell officiates alone at the Church of the Founders.


Class: Excommunicant Leader Priest

Background #1: Weaponry: Sword

Background #2: First Aid

Skills Miracle

  • Divine Favour 1 (Drop your weapon!)
  • Improved Divine Aura
  • Divine Majesty
  • Divine Favour 2(Instil Might)
  • Divine Favour 3(Instil Might)
  • Improved “Drop Your Weapon!”
  • Cease your Deceptions
  • Fight On
  • Unending Fervour
  • Sword Use
  • Sword Talent 1
  • Sword Potency
  • Sword Finesse
  • Emergency Care
  • Resuscitate
  • Patch Up
  • Surgery
  • Tough x 1
  • Large Church - Church of the Founders

Divine Favour - 'Founder'

  • Miraculous Power (Founder's Stamina)
  • Founder's Aura
  • Miraculous Power (Glove of the Poisoner)

Divine Favour - Lifegiver

Brain Surgeon

  • Diagnosis
  • Trepanning
  • Mental Optimisation

True Face of the Leader

  • Particularly Favoured (Instil Might)

Stealing Power from the Gods

  • Competent Thief


6 + 3

  • Doubles
  • 2x Strikedown/Wound 5
  • 1 DODGE
  • REND, BLIND lasts 8 seconds
Group Buffs
  • 2x Resist Weaken or +1 Damage
  • 2x Resist Fear or +1 Damage
  • 1 DODGE

Magical Deformities

Naiad Influence

  • -1 Body Hit when away from bodies of water
  • Weakened when denied water for extended periods
  • Unnatural Allure - 1 'Hear me Out' per adventure


  • Ice-flecked Sword (Resist 1 Shatter per Adventure)
  • Superior Light Armour
  • Waterproof Tent
  • 1x Burst of Might
  • 7x Restoration of the Flesh
  • 1x Remove Fatigue
  • 1x Death Ward
  • 2x Sleep of Death
  • 2x Paranoia's Embrace
  • The misshapen body of Mr Strings
  • The inhuman body of Harlon Quirk
  • Ring dedicated to the Traitor
  • Sword that flows with fresh blood when touched to one who has been under the Gaze of the Traitor

Income: 45R

Savings: 252 Riel


Is aware that the Tender = Alyssa, Traitor most likely Abraxis

Book of Deeds

Fighting Souls: 4

Defeated the Stag-King - Victor Constanza

Drove the Ice Wurm back to Slumber - Victor Constanza, Reginald Drake, Henry Haldrad

Rescued the Children of Caulvale - Ricardo Reed

Won the Approval of the Leader - Reginald Drake

Defeated the flux pirate Rickard - Felicia Barma, Aria

Died bravely rescuing his friends from cultists. - Tom Samson

Slew the Mad god-anomaly - Seth Ferrer

Blew up the Magisterium Sky Fortress that was slaughtering the miners of the Blue Peaks - Jarred Samuels, Raven Caulus

Challenged Carlaeon's champion in the realm of the Smiling Lady - Ricardo Reed, Raven Caulus

Written but excised by the Traitor's Dagger.

Struck down a claimant to the throne of Acryn at their coronation - Kjell Caulson

At the end of the book the following is recorded

Imprisoned an ancient evil that we might be free. - Tarkus

Gave freely of his waters that Acryn might flourish. - Lifegiver

Died that Acryn might become truly great. - Darak, Lindus, Tarkus, Alyssa, *smudge*


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