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A piratical larp about pirates

Initial Brief

Rickhart Gull of the Guild of Sailors is looking for investigators  to assist him in thwarting a nefarious scheme to besmirch his good and honest name. Interested parties should present themselves at the 3rd Wharf Smokehouse to discuss matters further. Competitive pay!


Aria (Chaos), Kjell Caulson (Joe), Felicia Barma (Vicky)


Rickhart Gull stands accused by the watch of piracy on the high seas, backed by reliable eye witnesses.  Which is odd as at the time he was first accused most of the upper echelons of the dockworkers guild can attest to his presence in a late running meeting.  Given a short list of his three most bitter rivals the party set out to discover what exactly is going on, though are promptly accosted by and forced to deal with a group of True Council thugs on their way to accost Rickhart for his piratical interference with their business.

First the party visits the shipwright, who, whilst they quickly settle on his innocence, is dealing with a recent victim of piracy in need of a new ship who directs them towards an unlicenced wayfinder who they've been working with (and is provided with a small 50 Acra loan courtesy of Kjel and the Church of the Leader to help get their fishing business back on its feet).  Seeking out the wayfinder they find him under attack by ravenous sealions apparantly counjoured up by some member of the wayfinder's guild.  Saving him they confirm that many of the current pirates appear to be flux and secure his wayfinding talents at a competitive rate should they need to go to sea in the near future.

Next investigating Smelly Patrica the foreman at the fish gutting warehouse they are put in contact with a small group of pirates to whom they go, their noses having been thoroughly overwhelmed by the shear magnitude of flowery perfume.  From the pirates they discover over a friendly (drugged) drink that the Dread Pirate Rickhart Gull seems to be attacking indiscriminately, pirate and merchantman alike, and taking captives who he keeps in cages.  Following the pirates desparate desire to avenge themselves on Rickhart they are lead to a tavern full of off duty watchmen and promptly dealt with.

Finally investigating the workshop of the sailmaker they find it in complete disarray, the owner having apparently gone away on a trip to an island two weeks ago accompanied by a guild wayfinder and not returned, only leaving instructions for a week of absence.  Directed to find a scribing mage to discipher their illegible records they implore the party to help find their missing boss should they be travelling in that direction offering them 5 Acra each for his safe return and giving them a map to the island in question.

Identifying the island as the focus of the piratical problems Rickhart charters them a ship to go and investigate, accompanied by the wayfinder they'd earlier helped.

Nearing the island they spot three pirate ships, two flux and accosting a fisherman, the third real and heading away towards the island.  Saving the fishermen from the pirates the party land at the small fishing village on the island, where they find no apparent signs of the bespoke sail order the merchant was apparantly here for but are told that he had visited near two weeks before.  They are directed across the dangerous jungle in the interior of the island to a pirates cove newly established on the far side of the island.

Fighting their way past dangerous tropical clawfiends the party find their way to the pirate cove.  Watched over by the “guild” wayfinder and well populated with pirates.  Defeating the pirates and capturing the wayfinder the party extract that he was hired to shape a fake Rickard out of a flux pirate but the pirate staged a mutiny and captured the pair of them.

Bursting into his throneroom the party finally bring an end to the Dread Pirate Rickard Gull and his elite bodyguard, releasing the prisoners and placing the sail merchant under citizens arrest.


Amongst the pirates cove the party find a veritable horde of pirated booty, most with shipping labels still attatched, on their return to Acryn they return as much as they possibly can to its rightful owners, and are left with a scant 10 Acra each of goods of unknown provenance which Kjel suggests they each donate to charities of their choice. The party hand the sail maker over to the watch but release the wayfinder in exchange for his testimony, the trial is lengthy, complex and still ongoing.  Rickard is pleased and pays them each the promised 35 Acra.

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