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Felicia Barma (Not active)


Felicia is the eldest child of the wealthy merchant Barma familly and step sister to the tender priest, Vincent Barma. She is a devout lay worshiper of the Leader and as such has taken it upon herself to make it on her own as a merchant and a warrior before she will feel worthy of inheriting her father's business. In her religion she is a strong believer in meritocracy, feeling that anyone with talent should be able to better themselves regardless of the circumstances of their birth, and in the free market, believing that healthy competition is necessary for a thriving economy and society. Known for being a little arrogant and occasionally greedy but at the same time willing to encourage the potential in others. She dislikes the nobility in general, although she is willing to concede that individual nobles might be reasonable. Her belief is that many of them have taken advantage of their birth only to achieve very little and consequently have denied opportunities to those who might be more deserving.


Class: Fighter

Background #1: Merchant

Background #2: Diplomat

Combat Path: Holy Crusader



  • Burly
  • Strength of Arms
  • Medium Shield Use
  • Medium Armour Use
  • Repair Medium Armour
  • Tough
  • Improved Determination

Combat Path: Holy Crusader

  • Relationship with the Church (Leader, free)


  • Wealth 1 (Vineyard)
  • Connections (Acryn City Watch, Vintner's Guild)
  • Council Connections


  • Diplomacy
  • Fast Talk

Skills to buy

  • Tough
  • Weapon Talent

Total XP 13


  • Doubles
  • 7+4
  • 2 resist disarm, shatter or strikedown per encounter
  • Class feature: 2 determination per adventure+ 2 determinations from skills
  • 1 weaken per encounter


  • 105 Acra (94.5 R)+ ~45R from adventure run by Iain
  • 0 Restoration of the flesh
  • Standard sword
  • Standard Medium Shield
  • Superior Medium Armour
  • Income: 27 R




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