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Pest Laid Plans

Initial Brief

Acryn Pest Control Services seeks capable individuals for temporary work. Ingenuity and ability to work with minimal supervision desirable. Competency preferable. Comfort with things with far too many legs essential. The ideal candidates should have prior experience at killing things, especially to death or equivalent.

Pay starts at 27R. Bonuses for exceptional performance.


Richard Silver - Harry
Marissa Terrec - Ellie H
Felicia Barma - Vicky
Haydn - James G


The party deal with the centipede infestation at the mansion, taking the mother centipede alive to win the largest centipede competition. They then sit down to lunch with the servants still living in the mansion.

It’s then that the Colossal Centipede bursts out from the ground and swallows them whole. The party fight their way through the centipede, killing it from the inside before bursting out of the top as it crashes to the ground outside the gates of Acryn.

With a flash of his blade, Richard Silver carves his mark upon the Centipede and declares it a sacrifice to the Tyrant King. The body dissolves, leaving a group of very confused Serradic spies among the semi-digested stomach contents. They try to flee but are quickly caught.

The party manage to talk the caretaker into annulling the contract with Acryn Pest Control Services and the servants are offered positions in the Circle of the Broken Wing, including Jimmy Hoskins.

The party take the mother centipede to the centipede fanciers and win the largest centipede competition. Marissa takes home the Golden Centipede while Richard rides the centipede in the race. Later, the centipede is taken to Marissa’ professor. Felicia’s new centipede wine goes down very well.

That night, as he goes to sleep, Richard hears a distant roar of appreciation.


  • Everyone gets 54R and a shiny new set of superior armour.
  • Felicia gets an additional 9R from wine sales.
  • Richard has an extra 34R from somewhere (?) and a Cargan signet ring.
  • Hayydn can used the centipede stomach slime to make three doses of Steel Rot. He can also create an antidote to centipede poison.
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