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marissa terrec



Marissa is a minor member of the terrec family who was sent to the college of stars fairly early to be educated. she is the only child of Corrado Terrec and her mother died in childbirth of her still born brother when she was three years old.

for Gms

Marissa has not been well treated by her father since her mother died, and thus will do anything to keep him happy. Corrado Terrec will not do anthing obvious to her in public, but will hiss insults at her/ suggest that she takes time off fro her studies to Visit him some more, etc.


Class: Wounding Mage

Background #1:noble

Background #2: use great weapon


  • share the pain
  • trace the flow of life
  • use implement
  • protomana tolerance
  • use great weapon
  • weapon talent1
  • weapon finesse
  • wealth 2
  • noble connections
  • scholar


118 R

5 heal 0
0 heal4
0 death ward
1 mana crystal

1 green gem - wants to go back to valid afterlife superior light armour

small libary - journyman knowledge = biology

1 exp


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