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The Treasure Hunt

Initial Brief

“Around the various inns and other hangouts known to be frequented by the adventuring community, a man is heard to be recruiting a group of adventurers to retrieve a trove of buried treasure. For anyone interested, he has left details of where he can be contacted at a local tavern.”



It's at about the time that the giant X they find turns out not to mark treasure but in fact is rigged to blow up, exploding Goo-McWizard, that the party realise they've been led into a trap. As they fight off enemies on all sides, they discover that there's a hunting competition going on and they're the prey.

However, the hunters underestimated these new heroes and a number of them are slain as the party escapes back to Acryn where they confront the mysterious Huntsman who organised the hunt. They defeat him, capture him, force him to empty his bank account for them and then hand him over to the True Council for a reward. The Huntsman is never heard from again.

Marissa tells the watch a abbreviated version of events with a warning not to follow suspicious treasure maps.

With the important matters taken care of, the party introduce Jeremiah to the real world with an alchemy shopping spree, a trip to the College of the Stars, a visit to a pub and finally a “party” hosted by Francesco.


  • Everyone is paid 54R by the True Council and gets a 36R share of the Huntsman's money. (Total = 90R)
  • Jeremiah gets an extra 1R from mugging one of the Huntsman's thugs.
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