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Jon McWizard P.I.


Originally a member of the City Watch's Arcane Crimes Squad (responsible for keeping Acryn safe from rogue mages, underworld enchanters and drug-dealing alchemists) Jon was a model officer until associates of a kingpin necromancer, whom Jon had busted for running a body-snatching ring, killed Jon's non-magical partner -who was three days away from retirement- and animated him as a zombie in a plot to stop Jon testifying. After being forced to decapitate his own undead partner -who was three days away from reanimation-, and best friend, Jon went off the rails, becoming a raging alcoholic.

After several chaotic cases (including one where he severely beat a professor of the college of the stars with a copy of 'the rule book' in a case of mistaken identity) Jon was stripped of his rank and kicked off the force for his extreme methods and propensity for causing expensive collateral damage during arrests, with his Captain considering him 'out of control' and a 'loose cannon'.

After handing in his badge and watch issue wand, he now makes a living on the edge of the law as a Private Investigator specializing in matters eldritch and supernatural.


Class: Mage

Background #1: Merchant

Background #2: Thief

Epic Trees:Burning Soul


  • Use Staff
  • Mana sense
  • Protomana tolerance 1
  • Protomana tolerance 2
  • Protomana tolerance 3
  • protomana tolerance 4
  • Primary rite 1(efficient consumption)
  • Primary rite 2(taste of knowledge)
  • Primary rite 2(Dissolution of the Form)
  • Primary rite 3(fortified consumption)
  • Primary rite 3(Dragon's Fire)
  • Primary rite 4(Flame of dissolution)
  • Primary rite 5(Consume and Assume)
  • Secondary rite 1 (Fault's unveiled)
  • Secondary rite 2 (Fault of Power)
  • Secondary rite 3 (Fault of temperance)
  • Secondary rite 4 (Fault of Focus)
  • Secondary rite 5 (Fault of Existence)
  • Use implement
  • Tough 1
  • Tough 2
  • Tough 3
  • Distil Mana
  • Mana simulation
  • Implement experience
  • Retrieve Implement
  • Dragonsoul implement
  • Enchant weapon

Epic Skills

  • Ethereal presence
  • Inflame the Soul
  • Draconic influence
  • Draconic Power

Background Skills

  • Merchant wealth 1 (Retainers from some rich merchants)
  • Connections: City Watch, True Council
  • Larceny


  • Standard Light Armour
  • Standard Staff
  • 403 Riel
  • 6 grenades
  • Shop Resource (Private Detective Agency)
  • Income: 45 Riel
  • Scribing Artefact
  • Fracturing x2 Artefact
  • Binding Artefact
  • Wounding Artefact
  • consumption artefact
  • blood from a nature spirit
  • Crystal Heart of an undead wounding mage
  • Skull of the Margushian Wizard Queen/Necormancer


  • 1 resist fear in flux per adventurer
  • 1 use of Know the Correct path
  • 1 use of fear against aquatic creatures per adventure


  • 11+2


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