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Internal Affairs

Initial Brief

Captain Lain Cooper seeks the services of a small group of resourceful and discreet individuals to assist the City Watch with a delicate investigation into an allegation of corruption.


Felicia Barma - Vicky H
Henry Haldrad - Matthew A
erik haldrad - Trevor D
Rafe White - James I


The party go undercover in the Northern Watchtower looking out for signs of corruption in Captain Ernest Brooke. They deal with an ugly situation in a pub, recover a drug haul from the local Red Alley gang and bust a group of neophyte revolutionaries. Eventually they are made aware of a series of child kidnapping in the district which Captain Brooke appears to be covering up at the behest of the Wayfinder's guild.

Having informed their employer of the situation the party follow a Wayfinder expedition North out of the city, hopefully on the trail of the lost children. They employ the services of one of the father's of the missing children, a non-guild wayfinder named Archie. The group soon discovers that the Guild party have been ambushed and all but wiped out by a group of flux-spawned Clawfiends. They rescue the sole survivor, an apprentice named Marc, who reluctantly tells them that the kidnapping have been conducted by a rogue Wayfinder named Magnus who was cast out of the Guild for his outspoken views on the supremacy of the 'gifted' over those without the wayfinder talent.

The party break into Magnus' estate, defeat his flux formed guards and learn from the indoctrinated children there that those who don't develop the wayfinder gift are handed over to a 'wise man' to be treated. Sadly they soon learn that this is a mad alchemist who has been experimenting on the children, turning them into fleshy monsters. Eventually they crash into Magnus' office and cut the demagogue and his apprentices down.

Having killed Magnus, the party persuade the children to return to Acryn. Before leaving the mansion they collect the lab notes of the insane alchemist and a number of journals and letters from Magnus' office.

They first report in to Captain Cooper and bring him up to speed on their findings. The captain is concerned by the political ramifications of the case but promises to kick it up the chain to the Watch Commander who will present the matter to the Council. The Captain also arranges for the children to be reunited with their families, whilst Felicia contacts her church and lets them know that children probably need some deprogramming. Well pleased with their efforts Cooper pays them each 50 Acra.

They take the surviving alchemically altered child to the People's college where an alchemical professor is cautiously optimistic that something could be done given a sufficient bursary. The adventurers strong arm the Wayfinders Guild into covering the costs in exchange for their continued silence.

Reading through Magnus' letters the party find that he was in communication with at least a half dozen other fellows who subscribe to the alarming beliefs of the Children of the Way. The group make copies of the documents before handing them over to Cooper. Felicia and Rafe later hear through their watch connections that the handwriting suggests the conspirators are scattered across the known world. The party let Mark know that there is likely at least one correspondent inside the Wayfinder's guild itself.

A week later Captain Brooke is called to a closed session of the Council and leaves having being 'granted' early retirement. The party is sent a letter of thanks from Watch Commander Octavius Quinn asking that they continue to remain discreet on the matter while the Council decides how best to handle the Children of the Way in the future.

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