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The Girl Who's Never Been

Initial Brief

Sirus Terrec, a nobleman and member of the Engineer’s guild, has been visiting the mining town of Caulvale, which lies on the outskirts of Acryn’s lands as a small point of concensus in an otherwise flux-dominated area. The town’s children, including Sirus’s youngest child Oscar, have gone missing, seemingly drawn into the flux by unknown forces. Sirus offers 40 Acra to any brave adventurers willing to recover the lost children. Wayfinders are encouraged to apply.



The party ascertain on arriving in Caulvale that the children have been drawn in to the flux following a strange piece of music ( They recall two versions of a story about Caulvale:

You remember the story of Alysia the White Witch. She was a wicked woman and a potent sorceress who (as the stories go) longed for immortality. She would lure children to her using beautiful music and drain their life force to keep her youthful and beautiful. The four gods, so angred by her actions, took the rare decision to intervene directly. The Builder crafted for her a prison which was so terrible it was called the Abyss. However as the Warrior cast her in to the prison she took her final revenge by dragging the children she had imprisoned in there with her. The legend places the Abyss’s gateway in the mountains above what is now Caulvale.

You remember the sad tale of Alysia Cargan, a young noblewoman who was kept imprisoned by her uncle. Legend tells that he was a wicked man who feared her power as a magician and so kept her locked in a tower with only her toys to keep her company, along with her beloved music box. He wished to use her powers to gain immortality and so kidnapped a number of children with the intent to get her to drain their life force. She turned upon him and attempted to escape freeing the children. The story goes that she was betrayed by someone who may or may not have been the Traitor in disguise and was trapped for all eternity by him in a prison of madness called the Abyss. The legend places the Abyss’s gateway in the mountains above what is now Caulvale.

As they travel in to the flux in seearch of the lost children they encounter two different versions of Alysia from the story, a good one dressed in black and a wicked one dressed in white. They encounter many strange things, including a number of the children acting out roles from the story. They quickly realise that both versions of the story are simultaneously existing in this place. With the help of “Black Alysia” they return the children safely to their families in Caulvale but the “White Alysia” appears and destabalises the concensus in part of the town. Although a valiant effort is made to chase “White Alysia” down she flees back in to the flux. Kjell and Ricardo vow to return and finish her off someday.

Despite some of the party's urgings that it may be best for the townsfolk to return to Acryn most are unwilling to leave behind their livelihoods. The party find a family for “Black Alysia” to remain with for the time being and she promises that she will watch out for the children of Caulvale, although she thinks her “other self” has fled and will not return at least in the immediate future. Sirus pays the party before returning with his family to Acryn. He is happy with their work and generally willing to recommend them to either his family or the Engineer's guild as people who can be relied upon. Ricardo notices a few of the children, including Sirus's own child Oscar, have developed an affinity for the flux but declines to tell anyone for fear that the Wayfinder's guild may find out. “Back Alysia” offers to bestow upon the party her favour should they wish it.

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