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the bet

Initial Brief

A merchant from valyd has hired some adventures to track down the a local thief known as Robin Knave who is meddling with her business.


Brother Miller

Jeremy Fitzwilliam


At the merchants house the party are invited to an evening soirée. This is soon interrupted however a thief who appears to be Robin Knave who breaks in and makes off with a diamond skull. Whilst the party attempt to pursue the intervention of an unknown God distracts them long enough for him to escape. Fortunately at this point another God who introduces herself only as the Mellinda approaches them and offers them a way to track the knave which they cautiously accept. As they follow the trail they once again encounter the God who attempts to entice them into a game of riddles and poison them. They manage to evade his traps however and even make off with his stash of potions. After evading him however they eventually catch up with Robin Knave. Much to their surprise however they find that he is actually the merchants lover who has been turned against her by the God he accompanies. It seems that he has been fed some lies about the infidelity of his betrothed and is now attempting to ruin her livelihood as an act of spite. The party eventually manage to persuade him that he may be wrong about this however and after some coaxing he agrees to travel back with them to talk to the merchant. Mellina is also present when they meet the Knave however and it emerges seems to have made some form of bet with cyrus about whether the couple are going to get married. Both Gods attempt to entice the party to help their side of things much to their disgust but they eventually decide to undo the damage done by the god's meddling.

With his first plan foiled Cyrus moves to sabotage the couple in a different way. When the party return with Robin Knave they find that the merchant has been tricked into poisoning herself. Fortunately the party are able to track down Cyrus and brother Miller uses his severed hand to win a guessing game forcing the god to give up the antidote to the divine poison he seems to have used. This turns out somewhat predictably to be the kiss of her true love. With this settled they attempt to get Robin Knave to the merchants body to administer the antidote. They are impeded in this effort by the local watch however who are attempting to arrest Robin Knave at the behest of the now comatose merchant. Eventually however the Merchant is awakened and vouches for her betrothed ending the attempt at an arrest.

At this point the two Gods Mellina the Meddler and Cyrus the Gambler appear and the game is declared to be a victory in Mellina's favour. After arranging the next 'game' they part ways. Cyrus however informs them that with the game now over he is free to interfere more directly and attempts to kill the party in revenge for his loss. After a prolonged fight however he is eventually beaten off and dissolves away leaving behind some rather nice daggers.

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