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The Red Man Cometh

Initial Brief

Waltha Terrec, acting head of the family until her young niece comes of age, traditionally sends out gifts of toys to the children of some of the villages and an orphanage outside Acryn every midwinter festival. This year instead of the usual letters of thanks to the “Winter Father”, a bloodied priestess from the temple-run orphanage has found her way to the gates of the city telling stories of nightmares becoming reality. Waltha puts out a call for adventurers to investigate what went wrong.


Brother Miller - Joe W
Lucien Albar- James G


The party return to the city with the Red Man in tow, who they hand over to the Wayfinder's Guild, who pays then 40 Riel. They then return to report to Waltha Terrec, who gives them a further 40 riel each. Through some investigation it is revealed a combination of flux-shaping by the entity known as the Toymaker and a magical ritual caused the toys to make the children's nightmares a reality. The party inform Waltha that it appears a mage connected to the Terrec family appears to have been responsible. Waltha suspects that her nephew, Angelo, who is bitter about being cut out of his inheritance, might be the guilty party but is unable to ascertain any proof.

The party make a donation to the Temple of the Tender, who in exchange cure their butterfly infestation. Brother Miller meanwhile oversees some of the hooligans the party defeated and convinces them to mend ther ways.

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