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United by Purpose - In Progress

Initial Brief

Throughout the less well of parts of the city word starts to spread that someone is looking to hire heroes of flexible morality to attempt to fix the unfair hoarding of wealth by the few and redistribute it to the many. Those interested should ask for a felix special at the rose and crown.




Dave's Character

  • Left arm has had COLE spelled out on it using scar the Soul.
  • May generate one crystal of mana from left arm per adventure at the cost of a 10 second reduction in death count.
  • For one encounter per adventure the left arm does get a mind of it's own as it is taken over by Cole.


  • Both arms have had COLE spelled out on it using scar the Soul.
  • 100 Riel
  • 6 mana crystals - what was spent in debrief.

George's character

  • 100 Riel
  • 6 mana crystals - what was spent in debrief.
  • Is possessed by Lucretia Graves having ritually consumed her. Whilst this is the case he gains the following benefits.
  • Gains the skills Knowledge: Intrigue and Noble Houses, this represents talking to Lucretia.
  • Gains one extra protomana per encounter.
  • Three times per encounter may take X damage to call the same amount of damage at a target as blades of blood slice them both apart from within.
  • Currently this relationship is purely symbiotic, if an adventure passes however in which he does not do something to further the downfall of Corlo Graves it is likely to become less amenable.


  • Is gradually transforming into Cole. Currently must be Cole for at least on encounter per adventure, then two then three, then forever.
  • Has COLE spelled out on both arms.

General Consequences

  • A witchhunt for undercover coles has started in the city.
  • Julius Ravenfall has declared martial law and arrested several members of the council on suspicion of being Cole.
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