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Warriors Monument

Initial Brief

Guards are required for an import archaeological dig.



The party head over to the dig site, but discover that there is some argument about the site itself. It seems that the body of the Warrior has been removed, and removed a long time ago. The party follow up a few leads: a somewhat brutal encounter with Willie Altieri and an unsettling encounter with the Civil Service. Both seem keen to help the party find the Warriors body, and each is able to provide the party with some hints which the party are able to put together, leading them to investigate a street party, and eventually to a house.

The party investigate the house, discovering that the Sander’s family has a secret basement, which they eventually convince the family to let them enter. The party head down and are confronted by a vision of a young woman with flaming red hair, who is intent on fighting the party (and seemingly ignoring any attempt to communicate with her, despite seeming to hear what they say). After the party has been put down, the woman asks a favour: she wants to see her family. A blue fire flows into those who agreed to help her.

The party head to the council offices, asking to speak with Felip Caulson, a name given to them by the knowledge from the Warrior. They convince Caulson to give them a map to a place in the Sewers known only to the Secret Service. Once there the party find a figure embedded with swords. The Warrior manifests, removes the swords, tells the figure she loves and forgives her, and then thanks the party and vanishes.

The party briefly discuss whether it is correct to leave the body they have found here, eventually deciding to leave as is. They then head out of the sewer, where they are confronted by Altieri. Altieri knows they have found the Warriors body, and wants it for himself. Initially, the party look like they are going to trick Altieri into the Sewers to collect “The Warriors” body giving them time to get to the real one. Unfortunately Xavier reveals to Altieri that they have found the body of two gods, and exactly where each is. The party then attempt to prevent Altieri getting to the Warrior’s body, failing miserably.

Unit 03 is taken by Altieri’s goons. Altieri proceeds to brainwash Unit 03.

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