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Jack is a rather curious individual who lives in the Wyldewode. He has achieved a semi-legendary status as an adventurer and monster-hunter, known for using magical beans to defeat foes far larger and mightier than he is. Given his command of the flux, he is probably a wayfinder.

The House That Jack Built is every bit as whimsical as he is. Leading up to the door is a walkway supported by rustic statues of cats, dogs and cows that make… mostly appropriate noises. Inside, gargoyles line the rafters, each with a spout pointing towards the centre of the hall - Jack uses these to dispense his special liquors.

Few people know the Wyldewode as well as Jack does - if only he didn't insist on setting trials and puzzles for his visitors, he would make an excellent guide. He recently seems to have taken in the Nix as his very own household spirit.


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