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The Mara


The Mara is a flux entity found in the Enchanted Archipelago. She has the ability to summon flux constructs that embody people's fears and superstitions.

She was inadvertantly created by the merchant Belaborus Gabble after he started a rumour that got a little out of hand. He had been trying to ward other sailors away from the archipelago to prevent them from discovering the stash of gold he had been hiding there for tax reasons. As such, he made up a tale of a spirit that lived there, capable of giving form to people’s wildest dreams, but always, eventually, their worst nightmares.

With the Upheaval, the Mara came into being. The next time Gabble visited the archipelago, she attacked him; Gabble, recognising her as his creation, pleaded for his life, promising to send her presents – unwary sailors, lured in by the promise of an area of flux they can control. She just needed to play her part, pretending that new beliefs were somehow affecting the flux in the archipelago, to gain as much prey as she liked. Of course, having just been informed of her nature as flux, she decided to keep some of the merchant’s own crew – for as long as they remained in the area and alive, she would retain her memories of the encounter without “resetting”. She hopes to gather many consensus beings to study – their beliefs are so very interesting, after all. And who knows – maybe she can learn a way to escape from her small area of influence and turn consensus into flux she can control….


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